We are a Salesforce partner with a decade of experience implementing exciting solutions. Our architects, analysts, and technical team know how to transform your business to the cloud.

Customer Engagement

Propoint is proud to have earned Partner status with Salesforce, the world’s most trusted customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Salesforce helps every part of a business work as one from anywhere, keeping customers happy everywhere. Stakeholders get easier access to the critical information they need at any time, on any device. Employees benefit from tools that foster a supportive and collaborative environment. The Salesforce Government Cloud platform is secure, meeting top standards like FedRAMP, DoD IL2/4, and SOC. With the help of Salesforce, government can become more responsive, effective, and efficient. Propoint earning Partner status is recognition of our eight-year track record of successful Salesforce projects and our future commitment to expand our suite of Salesforce services and solutions for our customers. Our Customer Engagement solutions include:

  • Customer Relationship Management: Salesforce CRM puts the customer at the center of everything. Discover, track, and nurture relationships for mission-critical activities with employees, customers, and partners. Create a 360-degree view, helping staff deliver relevant communications and premium service in a timely manner.
  • Self-Service Portals and Communities: Customers increasingly expect an easy self-service experience. Salesforce community portals allow customers to request service, track status and collaborate with service providers on the channel that’s right for them.
  • Advanced Analytics: The secret to being customer-centric is using data and analytics. Data-driven insights optimize how workers engage with citizens and vice versa.

Case Management

Propoint’s case management solution is also among our Salesforce platform suite including MuleSoft to support business-critical application and data interfaces.

Case study: Propoint’s solution for the  California Department of Industrial Relations (CA DIR) is an excellent example of how Propoint builds leading-edge case management solutions using the Salesforce and MuleSoft platform. Read Propoint’s CA DIR Online Wage Claim Study

Salesforce and  MuleSoft allows staff the ability to solve inquiries faster, more efficient and provide overall better service for customers. By offering a comprehensive view of customers, Salesforce Case Management provides for more impactful and immediate services. Capabilities include:

  • Ensure consistent and accurate support every time with case management.
  • Close cases quickly by keeping your support agents connected to all the activity, processes, and information they need.
  • Route the right case to the right agent, every time.
  • Guide agents by automating processes.
  • See the full context of all your cases.
  • Know what to focus on and when.

Process Automation

Government processes involving multiple steps may be unacceptably slowed by manual handoffs and prone to error. The problem is worsened in cases of paper workload and periods of high volume. Tailor-made Workflow automation offers a solution. In this area SimpliGov leads the way. Workflow automation by SimpliGov frees up employees to be more productive and focus on actual work, not on wrestling with paperwork. We are proud to offer SimpliGov cloud-based workflow automation solutions to our customers. Benefits include:

  • Automate repetitive processes, removing the “pain of the mundane.”
  • Improve throughput speed and efficiency
  • Improve workload accuracy
  • Improve compliance
  • Improve employee engagement/fulfillment.

According to IDC, workers waste 21% of their time searching for lost documents or handling other document-related errors and issues. Yet 7.5% of all documents are lost completely, but the only way you know it is by wasting time and money searching for them.