Our Team


We offer a team of professionals with decades of experience and leading certifications.


William Foster staff thumbnail

William Foster

  • Co-Owner, President
Keith Richey staff thumbnail

Keith Richey

  • Co-Owner, Executive Vice President
Kim Valenzano staff thumbnail

Kim Valenzano

  • Strategic Alliances Manager
Tina Moore staff thumbnail

Tina Moore

  • Director
Karen Glabas staff thumbnail

Karen Glabas

  • Director
Liz McLaughlin staff thumbnail

Liz McLaughlin

  • Sr. Manager
Matt Shadle staff thumbnail

Matt Shadle

  • Sr. Manager
Philipp Bosshard staff thumbnail

Philipp Bosshard

  • Principal Project Consultant
Asif Ali staff thumbnail

Asif Ali

  • Manager
Lydia Bisignano staff thumbnail

Lydia Bisignano

  • Manager
Mike Ogan staff thumbnail

Mike Ogan

  • Manager
Diana Wong staff thumbnail

Diana Wong

  • Manager
Becky Ackerman staff thumbnail

Becky Ackerman

  • Sr. Consultant
Jessica Hovdesven staff thumbnail

Jessica Hovdesven

  • Sr. Consultant
Thomas McGrath staff thumbnail

Thomas McGrath

  • Sr. Consultant
Tina Robertson staff thumbnail

Tina Robertson

  • Sr. Consultant
Michael Doyle staff thumbnail

Michael Doyle

  • Solution Consultant
Harshad Panchal staff thumbnail

Harshad Panchal

  • Solution Architect
Badan Singh staff thumbnail

Badan Singh

  • Solution Architect
Rajender Mittapalli staff thumbnail

Rajender Mittapalli

  • Solution Developer
Nikhil Pulimamidi staff thumbnail

Nikhil Pulimamidi

  • Solution Developer
Krishna Gurram staff thumbnail

Krishna Gurram

  • Solution Developer
Vamshi Padala staff thumbnail

Vamshi Padala

  • Solution Developer
Vikas Singh staff thumbnail

Vikas Singh

  • Solution Developer
Vipul Kumar Sharma staff thumbnail

Vipul Kumar Sharma

  • Solution Developer
Pooja Rana staff thumbnail

Pooja Rana

  • Solution Developer
Chirag Kochar staff thumbnail

Chirag Kochar

  • Solution Developer
Lisa Baker staff thumbnail

Lisa Baker

  • Operations Manager
Austin Whatley staff thumbnail

Austin Whatley

  • Analyst
Harrison Mesek staff thumbnail

Harrison Mesek

  • Talent Resource Specialist

Giving Back

an image of sapling plant

The American Cancer Society

The mission of the American Cancer Society is to free the world from cancer through funding, conducting research, sharing expert information, supporting patients, and spreading the word about prevention. Propoint supports this long- standing organization in reaching their goals.

an image of a dog and cat

Placer Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Placer SPCA)

The mission of the Placer SPCA is to enhance the lives of companion animals and support the human-animal bond. In addition to other animal charities, Propoint proudly supports the wonderful efforts of this hard-working organization.